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PF New
Mr. Paul Bataona, Chief Editor

The dynamics of the development and the progress of the world cannot be separated from the role of the press as information media. The history records that the press came with a noble mission for the nations throughout the world. The press crushed all forms of colonialism with smart exclamations, critical thoughts and evocative calls. The press has opened all kinds of guise and depravity of the opportunists in this world. The press also continues to control the authority of the government in running the wheels of governance, as well as upholding the truth and social justice on this planet.

Through this noble role, there is no doubt that the press has existed as a mirror of truth and justice for the world community, especially voicing the interests of marginalized people and the voice of the voiceless. This means that the press is so valuable for all the people. The press has done its job well as one of the strongholds of the nations. The press has always been in the forefront of the struggle of all journeys of life in all parts of the world.

Seeing and experiencing how noble and valuable the press for the Indonesians and the people worldwide, it is important to spark, give birth and publish an online tabloid called “Mensa News. This tabloid is a representative media from East Nusa Tenggara to the world. As a representative media, Mensa News has an intent and purpose that is not much different from other online tabloids in the world today. But what become the point of differentiation as well as the strength of Mensa News is its vision and mission which are packaged in a smarter, more comprehensive and global manner, as well as the mouth of all the essence of news for the world community.

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Mensa News carries the vision, “To be an online tabloid that excels in reporting throughout the archipelago of Indonesia and the whole world. While the mission of Mensa News is firstly, presenting the face of a new and brilliant press on earth. Secondly, presenting actual and current news related to all aspects of the life of the world community. Lastly, promoting the beauty of East Nusa Tenggara and Indonesia to the worldwide countries. By the vision and mission mentioned above, the motto of Mensa News is “Smart, Comprehensive, and Global.”

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Finally, from the editorial desk, we welcome all readers anywhere; hopefully the presence of Mensa News ties the spirit of love, brotherhood and trust in the hearts of all readers. Thank you guys, good luck and happy reading.