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Foto Mendikbud, Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture, Nadiem Makarim said, the Covid-19 pandemic crisis brought a variety of lessons, especially for the world of education. According to him, the Covid-19 pandemic has made teachers realize that learning can take place anywhere. “From this crisis we can learn a lot of lessons that we can apply during crisis conditions and afterwards. For the first time, teachers teach through online, use new tools and realize that learning can happen anywhere,” said Nadiem in a press conference ‘ Learn from Covid-19 ‘that aired by BNPB, Saturday (05/02/2020).

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In addition, these days also made parents aware of the role of a teacher in teaching. “Parents for the first time realize how difficult the task of the teacher is, how difficult the challenge in teaching students effectively and cause empathy for teachers who might not have been there before,” said Nadiem. He also warned that effective education would not succeed without the role of the teacher, parents, and students themselves.

“Teachers, students and parents realize that education is not only what is done in schools. Effective education requires effective collaboration from these three parties,” he said. “Without collaboration, effective education is not possible,” added Nadiem.